Building Science Days 2019: High Performance, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

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Join the AIANY Building Enclosure Council for two consecutive seminars with renowned building scientists Dr. John Straube and Dr. Joseph Lstiburek. With their combined expertise, Straube and Lstiburek will help attendees understand what goes wrong with buildings and how to fix them with the goal of achieving high performance in energy efficiency and comfort. Methods and technology for meeting emerging standards in efficiency, such as passive house and sustainability (embodied carbon) will be discussed.  Day 1 will address the typical problems found and the fundamental building science of what goes wrong. Day 2 will focus on how to repair and upgrade buildings, again using building science fundamentals, the proper integration of mechanical systems and new technologies.

September 18
Day 1 | What’s Wrong With Buildings: How to Fix Them for High Performance
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation

Existing buildings are prone to have problems relating to air leakage, thermal bridges, condensation, decay, mold, freeze-thaw, capillarity and rising damp, indoor air quality issues, and comfort. The causes of these issues will be discussed, and repair and rehabilitation strategies will be presented. During this course we will analyze the history of common building problems, their causes, and why they occurring now. The risks of using new materials and new technologies when applied to existing buildings with these problems will also be highlighted.

The conversation will include:

  • Understanding the limitations of improving energy performance based on existing building material and building enclosure constraints. 
  • Identifying effective repair and rehabilitation strategies for common failures.
  • Recognizing the limitations of central conditioning systems versus distributed conditioning systems on indoor air quality, comfort and operating costs.

In order to receive credits for this seminar, attendees will be asked to sign in at the beginning and end of the day. 

September 19
Day 2 | What’s Wrong With Buildings: How to Achieve High Energy Efficiency, Performance, and Sustainability 
Speaker: Dr. John Straube, University of Waterloo/RDH Building Science

Assuming you have chosen to reduce climate change impacts by renovating an existing building, this course will review a number of broadly applicable technologies for high performance wall and window retrofits. Better buildings usually need different and upgraded HVAC systems and these options will be reviewed along with their pros and cons. Finally, available opportunities for generating energy renewably on site will be covered. The session will end with a survey of potentially important new technologies, including prefab/modular, mass wood, and glazing.

During this course the following topics will be covered:

  • Emerging techniques and technologies for air, water, and thermal tightness enhancements for energy efficiency.
  • Detailing new window installations to support low-energy targets.
  • Listing the requirements of HVAC systems and the various choices available for an energy efficiency building.
  • Understanding available building-integrated energy production systems.
  • Developing awareness of new technologies, including prefabrication and mass wood and how to assess them.

In order to receive credits for this seminar, attendees will be asked to sign in at the beginning and end of the day. 


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